I Wanted Snow This Year

I was looking forward to snow this year. It’s almost February, but still, no snow. Although I’m in Southern California, we’re probably reaching reaching record-breaking rainfall for January. Probably. I didn’t do the research, but it sure feels that way. Anyway, in order for it to snow where I live, two things have to occur simultaneously:… Continue reading I Wanted Snow This Year

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Bible Journaling: $100 Gift Card Giveaway

Have you ever done Bible Journaling? It’s where you actively engage in reading the Word by DIRECTLY journaling on your Bible pages. Some people, who clearly are much more creative than me, even draw and paint on their pages. Cool right? I just found out about it! As it turns out, this Bible Journaling thing is… Continue reading Bible Journaling: $100 Gift Card Giveaway


Try To Be Kind

Parenthood is extremely hard. Unlike other jobs, there are no prerequisites to becoming a parent. People don’t go to school and study courses like: Psychology 1: Meltdowns, Tantrums, and Teens Beahvioral Psychology: 100 Types of Discipline Strategies Self-Help: How To Deal With Teething Babies Referee Course 1.0: Sibling Rivalry Referee Course 2.0: Teens Against Parents Referee… Continue reading Try To Be Kind

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Summary, Refocusing, and (Two) New Directions

I’M STILL ALIVE! So…according to my blog, it’s been almost 3 months since I last published anything here. I’m sorry to have left anyone hanging like that, but as it happens, life happened. The result was an unexpected blogging hiatus which was filled with 3 birthdays, an anniversary, and getting ready for PUBLIC school! Here then,… Continue reading Summary, Refocusing, and (Two) New Directions