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Happy Anniversary To Us!

10 years.

Too long for some, too short for others.

For us…

Just enough time to love.

To have 3 kids.

To be happy.

To be thankful.

And hope for more years to come.

Happy Anniversary to my love.


The pic above, the before.

The pic below, the after.

How do we look?

Did you say awesome?ย  Thanks!

son me

And because it’s Friday, I’m also linking up with Hilary for some Fill In Fun!

This weekโ€™s statements:
1. Sometimes I wish I could sleep in and play video games all day.”
2. Time fleeting but moments last forever or are we too distracted to notice those moments at all?
3. My favorite meal to cook is pasta with pre-made (Costco) basil pesto, because it’s so darn easy AND yummy!
4. When it comes to social networking, I log on to facebook, tweetdeck, google+, and email at the same time! How? Why, I’ve got those sites pinned on my browser and they automatically log-in as soon as I open the internet!

You know that last bit was just pure genius, right?
Yeah. I have (rare) moments like that.


14 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary To Us!

  1. Our 10th is next weekend!! Happy Anniversary to you! Gee….you seriously have not aged. what’s the secret?I guess the 3 kids keep us young in a way, right? ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Ahh! You came to visit! Long time no hear! How have you been lately?And the secret? No secret. It must be an Asian thing. LOL. Seriously. I have no idea. Maybe the camera filter? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Whoohoo! We even have the same wedding month and year? How crazy is that???!And yes. The kids keep us all young. It must be it. Their youth rubs off on us. Either that, or we’re forced to get off our arse lest they die from all the “creatively fun” things they do. Right?


  4. Happy 10th, Janice. You really haven’t changed very much. (You could say I’m a stalker, too) Many couples get fatter with children, because they have to eat kid food and don’t get to exercise much, but you guys have the right thing going. Both in life and love. Thanks be to God.


  5. Thanks for the greetings. I wouldn’t say I haven’t gained anything. Although it’s been different after each kid. Definitely harder to stay in shape the more kids you have though. And since I’ve been stretched 3 times, working the abs to get it to the way it used to be is the hardest thing ever! LOL. And I’m thankful for my husband – when it comes to healthier food choices. As a Filipino, I can totally let myself go when it comes to food. My husband reels me back in (and gives me that necessary guilt to keep me from blowing up like a cow). ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. I understand how hard it is to go down once you’ve gotten big. Especially if you don’t have 8 hours a day to work with your personal trainer every day. I’ve lost, in the last year, about the total weight of your three. Easy it was not. I made a goal to get to a weight where I wouldn’t hold back the crowd because of it. For activities like zip-lining and the Kauai helicopter tour. For ziplining, there’s a hard 250 weight limit. For the helicopter, if you weigh more than 250 they charge you for an extra seat. I’ve walked 2.5 miles a day nearly 5 days a week for a year and a half to do that. The doctor is smiling now when he sees me, and he’s cut back or cut out most of my medications…As for you, I know a bit about your activities, with the mud run and all. I think my grandson did that one year. You’re fit.It’s not necessarily bad to put some on. Just not too much. And from what I see, there’s not much difference. Thankfully, your hubby is a good leader of his home church.


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