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#TimeTravelTuesday: Girl Scouts of the Philippines

I didn’t sell girl scout cookies.

I didn’t learn survival skills or go camping.

I didn’t do any sort of fundraising whatsoever.

Our Girl Scouts were different.  We were in the city.  There’s no way our school will sponsor sending all of us to the province just to camp.

There’s no such thing as girl scout cookies.  No one had ovens to bake anything (only bakeries had those, not every household).  The kids would all end up eating them instead of selling them anyway – because, hey, cookies!

We did have a couple of weekend time at school where we played group games, sang songs, and competed between troops though.

During school days, Girl Scouts took turns raising the school flag, leading the prayer and pledge, and reading announcements during the school morning assembly outside.  That was pretty cool because you got to use the microphone.  And at the end of the day, the Girl Scouts also took down the flag and properly folded it away.

We also served as hall monitors on some days, ambassadors when visitors came to the school, and helpers for anything and anyone in the school.

Plus we got to wear cool green uniforms with a scarf and pins that set us apart from the rest of the pink and white regularly uniformed girls at school.

Can you say special?

Yep.  That’s exactly how I felt.  Special.  I just wished that I was the leader because they got to have a red whistle.  I wanted the red whistle.

Anyway……Can you find me?

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Gathering Graces

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19 thoughts on “#TimeTravelTuesday: Girl Scouts of the Philippines

  1. I sold the cookies, went camping every summer, and did all the sewing, cooking, cleaning, knitting, writing, art, etc. etc. etc. to earn those badges. I still have all my badges in a box somewhere. It was the best time. Our town is too small and there isn’t a chapter so my girls are missing out. Makes me a bit sad because they were really some of the best memories I have. Especially of camp. I can’t tell which one is you….????


  2. Oh I didn’t know you are from The Philippines. My hubby is too, which is why I’m sure our son looks just like him. It’s amazing to see the difference right? I’m sure if you daughters joined the girl scouts they’d never really understand how different your experience was from their own.


  3. Sounds like you enjoyed being a girl scout, even if it was different from what we are used to here!!! πŸ™‚ I’ll try to remember this meme and link up next Tuesday!!! πŸ™‚


  4. Those badges do look cool on a uniform! Were you able to get them all?And I can’t believe you can’t find me! Front and to the right. Holding the banner just above Elem.! πŸ˜‰


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