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Photography :: Delicious!

Last Saturday was my grandmother’s birthday.  75 blessed years of life!

lola and me

For her special day, she got to pick where to eat for dinner.  So we went to one of her favorite places to eat – the Asian Buffet!

Needless to say, um, there goes my New Year’s resolution! Ha!

But it was all so very DELICIOUS!




ROUND 4 (Dessert!)

So much yumminess, no?
But yeah……I’m not doing the buffet thing for at least a couple of months again.  It set me back even before I got started on losing all this weight! Haha!
Joining Alison and Greta today for Through the Lens Thursday photography project!


9 thoughts on “Photography :: Delicious!

  1. Oh I wanna go there! We have nothing like this in my little town. But, as you say, that might be a good thing because – goodbye diet!! I may have gained 5 pounds just from looking at this pics. I may have also licked the screen. 🙂
    I can't wait to be over this cold so I can taste good things again.


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