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As the World Turns

No, this post is not about the daytime drama that was so popular in the 90s.  I never watched it, but it was popular enough that even I knew of its existence back then.

This post is about, literally, when the world turns…and turns… and turns.

Yes.  Vertigo.  My old time friend.  Er, enemy, actually.  I hate vertigo.

Vertigo is very debilitating and takes me away from my family.

[tweetthis]Vertigo is very debilitating and takes me away from my family.[/tweetthis]

It also prevents me from doing all the things that used to come so easy to me.

A few examples:

1.  Getting out of bed – hard to do when you’re not sure which way is up and you feel like throwing up.

2.  Drinking from a cup – this requires I tilt my head back, hence, it triggers dizziness and that spinning sensation.

3.  Breastfeeding – looking down at the baby makes me dizzy, and then transferring from one side to the other makes me dizzy some more.

4.  Reading – I have to look away after every page or two.dont feel like moving

5.  Watching TV – too many moving images that trigger dizziness.

6.  Sleeping – laying my head down immediately makes the world spin and I have to wait until the spinning subsides.  Then closing my eyes also makes me feel like I’m spinning and I have to wait for that to subside too.

7.  Taking a shower – all the looking down and head tilting makes me dizzy some more and more and more.

8.  Eating – I have to keep my plate/bowl away from me so I don’t have to look down to eat.  It’s very challenging getting the food from my plate to my mouth without dropping some on the table.

9.  Holding the baby – squirmy, bouncy baby equals lots of movement for me equals dizziness.

10.  Tending to the kids – I can’t really move my head quickly or look anywhere so I can’t give my attention to the kids very well and I can’t give them what they need or want.  It’s very frustrating.

Sigh.  Through this all though, I’m very thankful for my husband who has shouldered pretty much everything in the house (including dishes and laundry!) while I’m in this state.  He is very overwhelmed, but what can we do?  I must rest and get better by the time he goes back to work.

So here I will be, resting as much as I can, so I can go back to normal as soon as possible.

Pray for me, guys.  Or send good thoughts.  Because vertigo sucks and there’s no medicine I can take to make it go away…

what it vertigo


2 thoughts on “As the World Turns

  1. I’m so sorry this ugly beast is back!!!
    will definitely keep you in my prayers and believe for healing to come quick so you can get back to being you ….and those beautiful little ones.


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