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Strike A Pose

Sometimes, my children are more than willing to be my photography subjects.

I tell them to strike a pose, and they do.

The results are always interesting, yet not so surprising – at least for this momma.

The eldest went for drama.  (But seriously?  Check out her muscles.  I wish I was toned like that.  It must be all that Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do training…)


The second went for … cool but fun.  (I’m guessing that someday she’ll be the girl-next-door-who-can-totally -hang-with-the-guys type.  Sigh.)


And the third just did whatever he wanted.  I don’t even know what to call this pose.  I said, “Do something.”  So he did.  I guess I was just thankful he didn’t decide to jump up and down or run in circles.  At least he was still enough for me get a great shot.  Thanks, son!


P.S.  That’s water, not bodily fluids.  They were playing with the water table before this photo session.

See how much they love me, sometimes?  They willingly walked away from something fun just to feed their mom’s photography problem hobby.

Oh kids.  Gotta love the way you spoil me.


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22 thoughts on “Strike A Pose

  1. love how they all did something different, and that their precious personalities shine through. 🙂

    if I had done this with mine, it would have been 3 tongues stuck out.. or worse, butts! LOL


    1. Yes, the girls do seem to like posing more, don’t they? And oh my goodness. When you use the word “posers” it just makes me grin. In CA, that’s an old slang that means “wannabe” or someone trying hard to be cool like someone else. Is that a word in Florida too? Or German? 😉


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