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Family Resemblance

I’ve recently gathered up pictures of my kids when they were all roughly the same age – a little less than 1 year old.

It was interesting to see just how strongly they resembled each other at that age!


Have you ever looked at photos of your kids in the same age, just to compare? What did you find out? And if you haven’t done so, I suggest you try it out.  It could be fun!

I found out that not only did they look very similar to each other, they also loved to smile with their mouths wide open!  And my 2nd and 4th both sucked their thumbs (and sometimes two fingers).  So interesting!

It’s little details like these that I tend to forget over the years. I’m thankful for pictures I can look back on and remember.

Gathering Graces

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16 thoughts on “Family Resemblance

    1. Same parents! I knew it was something! Haha!
      Seriously though, I’m thankful for the photos. My memory isn’t so good. And since the latest baby is so cute, it’s hard to remember what the other ones looked like before! Ha!


  1. one thing for sure: they are all beautiful!!

    mine may have had some similar features, but mostly they looked quite different. and I can always tell who it is by the hair…..or the lack of hair! haha


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