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Barely Enough

This past week, I’ve been planning our homeschool curriculum for the 2015-2016 schoolyear.  This will be the first time I’m teaching more than one student at home.

I will homeschool 3 kids this year!  6th grade, 1st grade, and Pre-K!  I’ve got my work cut out for me, so I’m making sure the procrastination bug stays well away.  My target start date is September 7th (or 8th).  For the sake of my children and my sanity, I will start on time!

There’s still a lot I need to plan – like how I’m going to structure my day to teach 3 grade levels (or more, since they all are advanced in at least one subject) while taking care of a 9 month old baby.  (Ow. My brain hurts already.)

Prayers, friends.  Prayers.  I really don’t think I’ll be able to get through this one without prayers.


BUT even before we start, any homeschooler will tell you that there’s a time when there will be barely enough of anything…

Barely enough patience…

Barely enough time…

Barely enough money…

That last one – Barely enough MONEY…  We’re suffering through that one right now.

Anyone who says that homeschooling is for poor people is absolutely clueless about homeschooling.

Public school is free.  Homeschooling is NOT free.  (Unless you opt to do home study using public school materials – but I think this defeats one of the major reasons one would homeschool anyway…)

no-moneyFor the most part, we homeschoolers have to buy everything – the regular student school supplies PLUS textbooks, workbooks, teacher edition books, learning posters, teaching materials, art materials, and pretty much everything you would normally see inside a regular public school.  Yes, that includes extra toilet tissues because the kids – who use a mile of tissue for their puny bottoms – are all home, all day.  No one provides these materials to us for free.  We buy it all, out of pocket, and do NOT get tax credits for it either.

I wish I still had a salaried job.  Managing a family of 6 on one income is hard.  If I had a job right now, and we were a two income household, we’d have so much money that nothing would be a problem.  After all, I was a Vice Principal and I have graduate degree!  Heck, I could pay the bills and have some left over to buy a new Smart TV and the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 5!  We could have Disneyland passes again!  We can throw birthday parties without a second thought!  We can send the kids to a Catholic Private School!!!

These are things I say to myself when money is tight.  I fall into this mindset a few times a year.  It’s that hard.

But I’ve been home with the kids for 6 years now.  I don’t know if going back to work will ever be the same.  I know exactly all the things I will miss IF I went back to work.  And I don’t want to miss a single thing.

But barely enough…

It’s hard living on barely enough.

“Looking at them, Jesus said, “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.” – Mark 10:27

Oh me of so little faith.  I forgot that God is great.  He will always provide.

So stay tuned.  I will be posting more of our homeschool adventures in the coming days and months.  It will be hard, but I know it will be worth it.  With God by my side, I can’t fail.  Right?


all things are possible with God


18 thoughts on “Barely Enough

  1. almost 10 years at home on one salary my friend!!! God. Is. Good!!! 🙂

    but no, we will probably never get to Disney either, and I am a little sad about that. But… we are together. Now, I don’t home school because I am mostly stupid.. ha ha — but the being here for all the big and small and even tantrum moments, is still a greater sense of accomplishment than any job outside the home ever gave me. So we press on.. knowing He is real, and so are His promises!
    You have faith my friend — and the hard times is when it grows stronger. 🙂


    1. 10 years. Wow. God is indeed good! I hope I last that long. Haha! I should probably plan to do this until they all finish high school. I’m thinking maybe I should do some refresher courses for myself one day. Geez. Sad, right?
      But yeah, big and little moments. Yes, even tantrums, I admit. I’m thankful I’m around for each and every one!
      My faith is so small – it makes me feel inadequate. You know?


    1. Thank you. And oh high school… I think I will definitely homeschool for high school – UNLESS… there’s talk of a Catholic High School opening up close to where I live, in the next couple of years. We’re all crossing our fingers for it to happen. If it opens in time, I want my daughters to go there! If you’re the praying type, some prayers would be appreciated! 😉


    1. We definitely should get tax credits. I just wish there were people who could lobby for us, you know? But as it is, I think all of the “political” and “legal” resources for homeschool advocates are being used up just to keep the government off our backs! Sad, but true. *sigh* 😉


  2. I just heard that Nevada is paying parents quite a lot per year to homeschool their kids. $5k or something per kid? I don’t know if it’s true or not, but wouldn’t that be great? We homeschool also. I have 6th, 4th, 2nd, K this year and I am not quite sure how I will survive. But you know what, there are always options and if I end up sending some or all to public school one of these days, I don’t think that’s the worst thing ever. We’ve all got to do what works best for everyone. 🙂


    1. Wow, paid to homeschool? That would be awesome! I mean, any amount is fine by me! Even if it was just 1k, that’s at least enough to cover materials! You know what I mean?

      And oh my, 4 kids. You have your work cut out for you. I would totally understand about sending them to public one day. I did that to my 2 girls last year (in 5th and Kinder) because I was so pregnant, plus I had a toddler in his terrible threes… But one year of break was enough for me and for them. Back to homeschool this year! And we ARE happy to be back! 😉


  3. I so wish I had the opportunity to homeschool my kids, but as the only income provider for them, it’s impossible. I think it’s great that you take it so seriously (I know many people who have a very lazy way of homeschooling, which is scary to me!). Good luck on your adventure!


    1. Thank you. I’ve met others who wished they could homeschool too, but their situation won’t allow for it. Maybe someday you will get the chance?

      And lazy homeschooling? Oh my. I can’t even imagine. I wouldn’t ever let my kids be disadvantaged because of my own laziness! 😉


  4. This is our 8th year homeschooling. I started to work from home last spring so we could take more trips and pay for braces. It’s never easy, but the challenge makes it fun, and the rewards it brings are priceless. Good luck this year.


  5. We are in our 13th year of homeschooling, and I’ve learned over the years NOT to buy everything I think we need. I’ve wasted money on things the curriculum provider says are a must have, and then we end up never using them. I think with experience, I’ve learned to trust what I think is the best fit for my kids’ learning styles, and I’ve taken charge of the curriculum, which is merely a tool. You’ll do great! The most important thing is doing what is best for your family, whatever that choice might be.


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