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Homeschool Burnout

We’ve had a successful first two weeks of homeschool! For two weeks, the kids dutifully did their schoolwork, and only minimally complained.

Two Weeks of this:

  • They woke up at 7:00 am, ate breakfast, got dressed in their uniforms, and started their school day by 8:30 or 9:00 a.m.
  • The baby goes down for his morning nap, while the Pre-K, 1st Grader, and 6th Grader work until lunch.
  • After lunch, the Pre-K and Baby naps while the 1st grader and 6th grader finished the rest of school.

6th grade homeschool

1st grade homeschool

Pre-K Preschool Homeschool

In order to make sure our days went without a hitch, I had to make sure everything was prepared for the next day.

In order to be prepared, that meant I had to stay awake until 3 in the morning, making lesson plans, cutting materials, making copies, and creating some worksheets.

Three in the morning! Almost everyday, for two weeks!

It’s not a wonder then, that by the third week, I was experiencing Homeschool Burnout.  The kids were fine, but this teacher was pretty much a walking zombie.

How did the third week go?  Like this:

  • MONDAY:  No School. Teacher and Students vegetate until further notice. Don’t touch any lesson plans until the kids go to bed.
  • TUESDAY:  Take FULL ADVANTAGE OF HUSBAND’S DAY OFF. Make him an Honorary Teacher’s Aide and have him do Religion, Math, Science, History, and Latin lessons as Teacher supervises. Also, since he’s a Physical Therapist, let him do P.E.
  • WEDNESDAY:  Half Day.  Only do the Core Subjects in the morning – between 9-11am.
  • THURSDAY:  3/4 Day.  Finish the rest of Wednesday’s work and do some Thursday work, if possible.
  • FRIDAY:  Suck It Up.  Do everything that wasn’t done.  Work while eating.  No naps.  Just do it.  (Also, finally write this post for my blog.)

Yes, it’s Friday evening now. I’m not proud of my week and I’ve learned my lesson.

Get some sleep during the week and don’t cram everything in a schoolday.  Pace myself and the lessons – the kids will do just fine.  I need to keep myself functioning if I want this Homeschool year to work out.

Homeschool Burnout is no fun and not conducive to teaching or a proper learning environment!

[tweetthis]Homeschool Burnout is not fun or conducive to a proper learning environment![/tweetthis]

Don’t be like me and learn from my mistake.  You’ll last longer in this homeschool job if you do what you can to avoid burning out.

So go ahead.  Put those lesson plans down and get in the tub with a bubbly.  Sit in the corner with a book and glass of wine.  And for goodness’ sake, go to sleep at a Godly hour!  Midnight ought to do it – no later than that.  Otherwise, hello zombie teacher!


homeschool playtime

Have you had homeschool burnout this year yet or ever? What happened and how did you recuperate?!  And if you haven’t had one, how do you keep from having one?! Do share and possibly give an advice or two! Thanks!


14 thoughts on “Homeschool Burnout

  1. I’ve never homeschooled, but I am a preschool teacher of up to 14 kids at a time, and I know how trying that can be! It’s a huge handful, especially on the teacher. No matter how organized we think we are, it’s never organized enough. Kudos to you for figuring out that when one way isn’t working, move on to plan B. There are 26 letters in the alphabet, something has to work eventually 🙂 Good luck to you!


  2. oh my! Get some well-deserved rest. We were the same for the first 2 weeks. Then the 3rd week I was napping in the afternoon while the kids played…
    Last week I was proud of what the kids did accomplish as we were out at appointments every day.
    And here we are at Sunday night, and I’m not yet ready for the morning!
    Good night/


    1. Let’s take naps together! Haha! Don’t you just wish there were more hours in a day just so we get all the homeschooling stuff done AND get sleep too? Oh, and I’ll be doing the whole appointments thing soon too. We just started on a new insurance carrier. Time to make phone calls and make medical, dental, and vision visits! LOL


  3. Be kind to yourself. I admire you for so openly writing about the challenges of homeschooling. I’ve never done it but I find your honesty so refreshing and I’m sure there are many homeschooling mommies out there that appreciate it, too!


    1. Thank you. I find it hard to be kind to myself because it makes me feel like I’m slacking off. You know what I mean? But thank you so much for the encouragement! Talking about homeschooling is hard for me because no one else in my family or circle of friends has ever done it – I’m all alone in it! That’s why I reach out through my blog! 😉


  4. I’ve been homeschooling for 13 years, and my style is probably the complete opposite of yours. We are much more relaxed, but we pack in a lot of learning. No matter how different our styles, though, you are doing a wonderful service to your family by homeschooling. Make sure to schedule in some down time and time to “just be” so you don’t burn out.


    1. I come from teaching a “regular classroom” so I’m still struggling to have a more relaxed homeschool style. However, I actually just finished restructuring my 6th grader’s schedule so that we aren’t doing all the subjects, every single day! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it from the beginning! LOL


  5. oh my dear — you gotta love yourself honey!! I’m glad to hear that you got through it all, but that most have been so hard. Hopefully things do go smoothly from now on and you get that much needed rest. Yes, the kids will be fine — they learn something every day just because the world is still full of wonder to them. take good care of yourself my friend. 🙂


    1. Thank you. I think I’ve got the 66th grade schedule figured out. I’ve even got the week planned already! As for the 1st and Pre-K. Well, still finding my groove on those two. SMH


  6. It’s great to know about your homeschooling. It is organized and this is the first and foremost one for homeschooling success. Great article, serves as an inspiration.


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