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Autumn Colors

Although I live in Southern California, I still get glimpses here and there of beautiful Autumn colors.  What I behold during this season, I’m sure cannot compare to places like Colorado or Vermont this time of year.

Nonetheless, I’m thankful for summer to be over and I welcome any color and feels that Autumn brings.  It is my favorite season and I’m glad it’s here.

Autumn Colors

Ravishing red maple leaves
swishing with the gentle breeze

odd orange jack-o-lanterns
bunched up under the trees

youthful yellow jackets
getting fewer by the day

gorgeous green grass-laced paths
turning brownish everyday

blissful blue skies
speckled with birds migrating

ill-boding indigo horizon
bringing fearful thunder and lightning

vibrant violet sunsets
turning mountains to purple majesties


autumn colors collage poem

(I wrote this poem last year. Photo credits can be seen in that first post HERE.)


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10 thoughts on “Autumn Colors

  1. beautiful!! We are just beginning to see the change of colour here. It is definitely cooler during the days – but I still wear flip flops in protest. LOL
    by next WW I hope to have some photos showing bursts of colour!


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