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Color Obsession

My cousin recently posted a photo of her calendar and collection of colored pens.  I thought it was all very cute, so I responded by collecting my own writing materials and taking a photo of that too.  To my surprise, I had more than I thought I did – AND I discovered that maybe, just maybe, I might have a little color obsession going on…

my color obsession

Honestly, these are just my essentials that I use everyday!

I’ve been using colored pens since college. They help me organize my thoughts AND they help me recall information that I’ve written in specific colors.

And yes, I do love Post-Its.

And yes, I do love notebooks, too.

Different colors. Different designs. All pretty.

Some people collect shoes and purses.  I do notebooks and journals.  That’s why it’s hard for me to stay away from the stationary/office/school supplies section at Target. (or any store). I almost always leave with at least one new notebook – and restock on Post-Its, you know, while I was already there anyway.

Oh.  Then my girls saw what I was doing (waking a picture of my stuff) and they wanted to do it too.

Here’s a photo of my 6th grader’s prized, writing materials:

color obsession 2

And here’s my 1st grader’s invaluable tools:

color obsession 1

I think I see a pattern here…

What do you think? Could this color obsession be hereditary?

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it is.


See Some More Pretty Things!

If you have a color obsession like me, chances are, you like pretty things too! Here’s a few that I bet you’ll love!

rose fall scarves camera filter


14 thoughts on “Color Obsession

  1. I have a fetish for little notebooks, journals and pens and markers, I have to control myself, I end up giving them away, because I have to many!! Love your display!!

    Happy Wednesday!!
    Oh My Heartsie GIrl


    1. Yay, I’m not alone! But I don’t give mine away. I end up with half-filled or just-a-couple-of-pages-filled notebooks in my house (and my mom’s house, and my car, and in each purse, and in each backpack…) LOL. You get the idea. 😉


  2. One can never have too much colour in their life!! I say you are passing on good things! LOL

    My daughters desk looks exactly the same, and I have a trunk – yes TRUNK box full of all my writing materials. And yet lately – I’ve not had time to actually sit down and use most of it. I’ve been adding colour to my home instead.
    Still, Colour!!! However you can get it. 🙂


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