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When Brothers Play

They may not say “I Love You” to each other, but when brothers play, they’re actually showing it!

A brother’s love cannot be heard
Nothing like it in the world
It’s there for all to see
It’s endless like the sea

For when brothers play
It’s a special way
To show the love they share
A silent demonstration of “I care”

brothers play

A 5 minute chase

A lap around the house

Pushing the bike

Pulling the car

Screaming in delight

(Oh, what a wondrous sight!)

That’s the best-est way

Brothers play
Brothers love

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4 thoughts on “When Brothers Play

  1. Awwww… This is so sweet!!! Doesn’t it fill your with joy to see your offspring playing nicely! I just sit back and whisper “please always love one another.”
    However, I don’t think my son will ever forgive me for giving him 2 sisters. ha.


    1. Oh my goodness, I whisper the same thing all the time too! And I wish the littlest one could grow a little faster just for now so he can catch up to his big brother – they’ve both been itching to play together, but can’t because of their size and maturity difference. haha.


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