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Busy Bee

I’m normally afraid of being stung a bee. When one is close by, I make sure to steer clear of it. However, while I was playing around with my camera last weekend, I noticed this busy bee…

He kept going in and out of my dad’s Calamansi tree. We’ve had some rain recently, so the little flowers finally had a chance to bloom. I guess, this little bee decided to have a field day that day.

I decided to take a chance and stand there to catch him on a flower. Thankfully, he paid no mind to me and went about being a busy bee…

busy bee 1 busy bee 2 busy bee 3 busy bee 4

That was fun. NERVE-WRACKING, but fun!

I don’t think I’ll be doing that anytime soon, though. Maybe a nice grasshopper next time? Ants? Or you know, a nice, non-stinging fish in a bowl…

wordless wednesday


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10 thoughts on “Busy Bee

  1. I find as long as they have a bloom to hold their interest, a bee generally pays the photographer no mind. Honestly my cat is more likely to swipe me when I try to take his picture. Ha.
    But look at the great up close shots you got!!! totally worth it I say.


    1. It was nice to be outside again – especially since we couldn’t go out during the scorching summer that just finished. Probably one of the reasons why I love Fall – it brings such relief from the heat that we can actually be outdoorsy again. 🙂


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