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See Them Close-Up

I wanted to try my hand at close-up photography with my DSLR. I’ve always thought that certain photos of children, in carefully framed and chosen close-up shots, conveyed a different sense of emotion from the viewer.

We don’t often see things close-up. Especially as adults, things are moving fast, and we must always see the bigger picture. Looking close-up, for us, means slowing down, using up time to see the now in the moment.

I wanted to slow down. So, I chose to take photos of my children, close-up bits of my children that still speak to me of their personalities and what they are now – beautiful darlings.

close-up-side-face close-up-missing-teeth close-up-paint-splatter close-up-water-hose

[bctt tweet=”Looking close-up, for us, means slowing down, using up time to see the now in the moment.” username=”gatheringgraces”]

close-up-burr close-up-eyelashes close-up-hand-paint close-up-paint-face


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5 thoughts on “See Them Close-Up

    The painted hands one is my fave — and I think you so captured their personalities and all the busy and quiet that exists in our children’s lives. I love doing close ups too – but I don’t typically share those ones on the blog. They are for the family album often — mine are beginning to get a little camera shy if they think it’s going on the blog!


    1. I need to make photo albums someday too. And my oldest one, well, now I have to let her know if I’m posting a pic of her. The other littles, they ask me on their own to take their picture and “put it on the computer!” They love seeing themselves on screen – especially my 7 year old daughter. She thinks it makes her famous. LOL


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