I Wanted Snow This Year

I was looking forward to snow this year. It’s almost February, but still, no snow. Although I’m in Southern California, we’re probably reaching reaching record-breaking rainfall for January. Probably. I didn’t do the research, but it sure feels that way.

Anyway, in order for it to snow where I live, two things have to occur simultaneously: the rain has to fall AND the temperature has to reach close to 30 degrees Farenheit for that rain to turn into snow. So far, we haven’t been that lucky. Here’s a cute video I found explaining how it snows!

We were lucky two years ago when we were able to make a long drive up to Big Bear to see the snow. My generous friend lent us her little cabin, and it was the best blessing ever. I had a 2 month old son, 3 year old son, 5 and 10 years old daughters. Do you know what was the first thing I was thankful for? BATHROOMS! Clean, dry, non-stinky bathrooms!

Next, of course, I was happy that I could keep the baby warm inside the house. We also didn’t have to worry about driving back at a certain time. We were spending the night and could leave whenever we wanted. Also, coming in from the snow and having a hot cup of cocoa was just awesome.

So, spending time right outside to make a snow man and snow angels was no big deal. We could warm our hands up immediately afterwards.

snow-man snow-angel

However, I’d say the best part was that we were able to find a secluded hill where we could play in the snow! We were away from the crowds and cars. The weather was perfect and the snow was beautiful.

sled snow

pull snow sled

Yes, I wanted to relive all the fun snow stuff that we did. But it doesn’t look like we will be able to do that this year. We’ve got no time nor money to go gallavanting up to the mountains for some snow thrills. Maybe we’ll splash around in puddles at home instead?

So, right now, what I’m actually looking forward to the most is SPRING. I miss the colors, the breeze, the chilly-but-not-freezing air, and seeing everything come back to life again.

snow into spring

“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.” ~ Proverb

This post is part of Ink Interrupted’s Tuesday Coffee Chat.


5 thoughts on “I Wanted Snow This Year

  1. What part of southern California do you live in? Many, many years ago, my first husband was stationed at Fort Irwin, so we lived in Barstow, then at Fort Irwin, for about three years. We actually got a bit of snow in Death Valley in ’91. We never made it to Big Bear, even though it was pretty close to us, but we did drive up to Mammoth Lakes our first year there. It was so beautiful!

    Here in the South, we never get much snow, either. We’re lucky to have 2-3 snow days a year, but that rarely happens. We always enjoy it so much when when it does happen, though! I look forward to spring, too. Just not a fan of cold weather. We’ve been having an unseasonably warm winter thus far, and the tree right off my back porch has already had a ton of bees around pollinating. Now it looks like it’s trying to bloom.


    1. I live in Riverside County. So Big Bear isn’t too far. Just a long drive through towns and up the mountain. I’ve never been to Death Valley even though it’s pretty close to me too. And I even used to live in the Mojave Desert, on the other side of the mountain. haha

      And oh, I dislike bees very much. I don’t know if anyone in my family is allegic to bee stings because no one has ever been stung. I don’t really want to find out the hard way either. But it sounds like your tree’s gonna be super pretty when spring comes around. Don’t forget to take pictures!


  2. Believe me, if had been snowing for 2 and 1/2 days straight, as it is up here currently, and you had to keep shoveling your drive way and wiping off you car — it gets old fast! Ha. We have literal mountains of snow in our front yard and Spring is a long way off yet. But, it’s actually been quite mild this year. We’ve only been less than minus 20 a few times and normally that would be average temperature consistently in Jan/Feb. With the wind chill it can often feel like minus 40 C. That’s indoors for hot cocoa because your face will literally freeze in minutes. We aren’t that crazy. 🙂


    1. Mountains of snow and you call that mild? haha. Oh you crazy Canadians… If your face will freeze in minutes for being outside, that means you’re indoors a lot. So, cabin fever yet? Netflix and chill? Like literally, chill? 😉 (and I’m done with the jokes. send more coffee)


  3. Actually me too… deep inside I want to experience real snow. I have lived in NZ for such a long time and been to Switzerland couple of times but never had snow everytime we go. Perhaps need to be brave the cold and see the magic! 🙂


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