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Summary, Refocusing, and (Two) New Directions

I’M STILL ALIVE! So…according to my blog, it’s been almost 3 months since I last published anything here. I’m sorry to have left anyone hanging like that, but as it happens, life happened. The result was an unexpected blogging hiatus which was filled with 3 birthdays, an anniversary, and getting ready for PUBLIC school! Here then,… Continue reading Summary, Refocusing, and (Two) New Directions

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Technology :: Is A Tablet Good For Blogging?

I’ve been an active blogger for about 3 years.  When I started, I only had my laptop to do everything in. Eventually, the techie world went boom with the iPads and then the Galaxies, and I jumped in. I did what every self-respecting nerd would do – read up on reviews and compare, compare, compare.… Continue reading Technology :: Is A Tablet Good For Blogging?

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Blogging :: I’m Not Cut-Out To Be A Top Blogger

I have no idea how many mom blogs there are out there, but I’d say it’s probably, like, a ton. It’s competitive to say the least. I follow some pretty popular blogs and drool over how many fans, likes, followers, whatever you wanna call it… that they have – compared to my measly numbers. I’ve… Continue reading Blogging :: I’m Not Cut-Out To Be A Top Blogger

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Review and A #GIVEAWAY: Universal Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard

I’m a busy mom of 3 (soon to be 4). As much as I wish I could spend more time sitting in front of the desktop, I can’t. This mom needs to move. But, wherever I am, I usually need access to the internet.  But the problem with my tablet is that when I have… Continue reading Review and A #GIVEAWAY: Universal Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard

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5 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Whether you’re a new or a veteran blogger, it’s a guarantee that you use a wordpress plugin or two.  But of all the Wordpress Plugins to choose from, I highly recommend these 5 plugins in order to keep your blog safe, user-friendly, protected, and SEO optimized. *Note:  This post is not sponsored.  Always back up your blog before installing… Continue reading 5 Must Have WordPress Plugins