I Wanted Snow This Year

I was looking forward to snow this year. It’s almost February, but still, no snow. Although I’m in Southern California, we’re probably reaching reaching record-breaking rainfall for January. Probably. I didn’t do the research, but it sure feels that way. Anyway, in order for it to snow where I live, two things have to occur simultaneously:… Continue reading I Wanted Snow This Year


Try To Be Kind

Parenthood is extremely hard. Unlike other jobs, there are no prerequisites to becoming a parent. People don’t go to school and study courses like: Psychology 1: Meltdowns, Tantrums, and Teens Beahvioral Psychology: 100 Types of Discipline Strategies Self-Help: How To Deal With Teething Babies Referee Course 1.0: Sibling Rivalry Referee Course 2.0: Teens Against Parents Referee… Continue reading Try To Be Kind

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Summary, Refocusing, and (Two) New Directions

I’M STILL ALIVE! So…according to my blog, it’s been almost 3 months since I last published anything here. I’m sorry to have left anyone hanging like that, but as it happens, life happened. The result was an unexpected blogging hiatus which was filled with 3 birthdays, an anniversary, and getting ready for PUBLIC school! Here then,… Continue reading Summary, Refocusing, and (Two) New Directions